Intro with Dan Burgess

Tom Kay is the founder of Finisterre, a pioneering outdoor clothing brand he started in 2003. The brand was born to connect people to the sea, building innovative and sustainable product to enable this connection. Finisterre is a B Corp certified business and is based on the cliffs of St. Agnes where Tom lives and is a volunteer RNLI lifeboat helm.

“I’m very lucky in that the sea has always been part of my life. So I guess my journey to activism is one that lives and evolves everyday through the brand I founded. In this respect, my journey really took shape when I decided to start Finisterre. Ironically my idea came a long way from the sea – walking down a London Street. I’d recently left University to start a corporate job; I guess I was 4/5 months in and the realization that my life, from here on, was unlikely to involve any of my passions really dawned on me. It was then I knew I needed to build a brand that would represent these passions; the sea and connecting people to it.”

No person or action is ever too small to make a difference.

Tom’s advice for someone at the start of their Ocean Activism journey