In Conversation with Leanne Cullen-Unsworth and Swati Thiyagarajan – Thriving Ecosystems

Our mission is to lead the societal change which will enable the recognition, recovery and resilience of seagrass ecosystems globally.

Our vision is a world in which seagrass meadows are thriving, abundant and well managed for people and planet.

In Thailand, I was witnessing first hand the destruction of the coastal seas around the Adang-Rawi Archipelago; from rapid and unregulated development and poor land use practices, to illegal fishing activity. I co-foudned Project Seagrass to be the change I wanted to see. Project Seagrass was created with the approach of turning cutting-edge research into effective conservation action and education schemes, by collaborating with local communities and other stakeholders. As a dedicated team of seagrass scientists, we work to protect seagrass. And through seagrass, we support marine conservation more broadly.

Richard out in the field

If our journey as an organisation has taught us anything, it is that achieving our mission begins with how we build our team and how we work together. As a dedicated interdisciplinary team we are passionate about securing a future for seagrass. We believe; indeed, experience has taught us, that only by bringing together a diverse range of identities, experiences and perspectives can we respond to global challenges. 

– Richard’s advice for those at the start of their Ocean Activism Journey