Ocean Insight – Effective Policy & the Importance of MPA’s with Johnny Briggs & Anupa Asoka

Callum Roberts is a Professor of Marine Conservation at the University of Exeter and for over 30 years have been researching human threats to marine ecosystems and species and finding the means to protect them.

“I discovered early in life that science is fascinating and fun. But I soon found out that the world has many problems science must solve if people and nature are to thrive in the future. So I turned towards researching how to protect wildlife and the environment. You will only have an impact if you make sure that society acts on the discoveries science makes, which turned me into a writer and science communicator. It is much better to do something than look on helpless as habitats are lost. Action is the antidote to despair.”

Callum Roberts

We need to act to protect our world at all levels, from backyard gardens to global negotiations at the United Nations. You need to seek the place and the means to make a difference that best suit you, playing to your strengths and passions. Knowledge is power, so learn all you can to support what you want to achieve.

– Callum Robert’s advice for those at the start of their Ocean Activism journey