Panel – Reframing the Blue Economy with Inka Cresswell & Hugo Tagholm

George’s work at MSC centres on the provision of sustainable fish and seafood to consumers wanting to make the best environmental choice they can. He’s a passionate seafood fan and wants to ensure we have fish for our shared future, there’s still lots to do.

“I’ve been passionate about the sea and spending time in and on it from a very young age. Catching and eating my first mackerel as a child was an important moment for me and helped shape my view of how stewardship of our oceans should look.

Knowing how difficult it can be to establish sustainable solutions to fishing, but seeing the benefits of doing so have made me more driven to make a change in our our global and local fisheries are managed.”

Read, a lot. Make sure you’re getting a breadth of information from trusted sources and seek out advice from experts wherever possible. The issues around our oceans are wildly complex and so sometimes it is difficult to cut through that complexity to get to a solution. But they are there. Sometimes it just takes some time to unpick it!

George’s advice for someone at the start of their Ocean Activist journey