In Conversation with Richard Lilley and Swati Thiyagarajan – Thriving Ecosystems

Leanne is a Marine Scientist and Director of Project Seagrass. As a mother as well as a scientist, it is protecting our seas for future generations, developing, and sharing, knowledge towards this aim that has become her major driving force.

“It became clear how reliant people are on seagrass; and not just in tropical regions, but across the globe. Seagrass is a truly global resource and needs to be recognised for all the great things it provides for us. It’s also a habitat that is threatened across its range, and strategies to protect and restore it are increasingly urgent.”

Leanne under the sea

Persistence is key. As is solid science to back you up. Double check all of your facts!

– Leanne’s advice for those at the start of their Ocean Activism Journey