Ocean Insight – Effective Policy and the Importance of MPAs with Anupa Asokan & Prof. Callum Roberts

Johnny works as part of the Pew Bertarelli Ocean Legacy Project, which enhances protection of the ocean by supporting the designation and effective implementation of marine protected areas; much needed sanctuaries to replenish the ocean.

My parents who always told me to keep my eyes out for nature and cherish what I found. My education and early career saw me marry marine science and policy, which enabled me to secure a job I love – a position which affords me the great privilege to strive to protect marine biodiversity on a daily basis.

Johnny Briggs out in the field

Take every opportunity possible to engage with the subject – via reading, volunteering, attending events or even simply being outside. Ocean advocacy can be a long and frustrating journey. Building a career can be difficult and when in the field, opponents to conservation efforts are numerous – but you will never regret reading too much, asking too many questions, or building a love for nature. This all gives you the drive to never give up.

– Johnny Briggs’ advice for those at the start of their Ocean Activism journey