Sea Shepherd

Jeroen is merchandise director for Sea Shepherd Global and US. He also leads the partnerships team.

“I joined Sea Shepherd 7 years ago by accident, having enjoyed a career in fashion and FMCG before then. After meeting Sea Shepherd Captain Alex Cornelissen, I offered to set up some projects in The Netherlands. I never looked back. Working for an NGO gave me purpose and so I made the conscious decision to give back as a rule. Now, with partners like Finisterre we create value en give back together. We have a common obligation to do better for the new generation and an interconnected, living earth. To quote Yvon Chouinard: What we take, how and what we make, what we waste, is in fact a question of ethics”.

“Make noise, so local media and community reps will notice. Offer 10% of your time and talent to an environmental non-profit, closest to your hart. Educate people around you why we need a doughnut economy.” 

– Jeroen’s advice for those at the start of their Ocean Activism Journey