Finisterre and the Global Goals with Sarah Kadouch-Chevalier

Gail run the Global Goals campaign, 17 Goals to guide the way to achieving shared wellbeing on a healthy planet. Goal 14, life below water, covers all we need to maintain a healthy and thriving ocean, and Gail works to support all steps along that path.

“I found out the ocean goal was projected to make the least progress by 2030, and so I resolved to always maintain focus on that goal as the foundation to achieving all other goals. We reached out to the UN and pledged to support their ocean missions and since have been making films, running hacks and throwing parties to raise awareness and action.”

Gail Gallie in the ocean

Everything you do is worth doing. Find friends to do more together. Never give up!

– Gail’s advice to those at the start of their Ocean Activism Journey