Ocean Activist Workshop – How to be an Effective Ocean Activist

Emily is a skipper, ocean advocate and artist dedicated to studying environmental challenges in the most remote parts of our planet.

“My journey to tackle plastic pollution began 10 years ago, when I hitch-hiked around the world. I was shocked by finding plastic in some of the most remote places on our planet, and so I chose to live on a group of pacific islands for six months to organise a community cleanup. Since then, my career has been dedicated to raising the profile of ocean plastic pollution, and has taken me all over the world facilitating science at sea, outreach and the implementation of solutions on land. In 2014, I launched eXXpedition – organising all-women sailing voyages with a focus on plastic and toxic pollution in the ocean.”

Emily out in the ocean

Work out your superpower and what you have to offer. Use it to gain the opportunities and experience you need.

– Emily’s advice for those at the start of their Ocean Activism Journey