Ocean Insight – The Ocean and Human Health with Nick Hounsfield

Easkey is a world renowned surfer, marine social scientist and author of Saltwater in the Blood and 50 Things to Do By the Sea. Her work explores the relationship between people and the sea – especially the healing potential of healthy oceans.

“I fell in love with the sea from before I can remember, born into an ocean way of life to pioneering surfing parents on the west coast of Ireland. Since standing on a surfboard age four my life has been shaped and formed by the ocean.”

Dr Easkey Britton riding a wave

Connect with your breath, and breathe deeply. Find joy in your work, essential for when the going gets tough. Do not go it alone. The ocean needs all of us, together, find your tribe. And remember the ocean is our greatest ally and healer, it has your back too!

Easkey’s advice for someone at the start of their Ocean Activism journey